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Automotive Technician

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Full-Time Lakewood, CO Oct 11, 2018

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Auto Technician Needed!

Isn’t it time to use your skills for something that actually matters? We are developing a culture that will change the industry of automotive repair! We believe that we do more than just fix cars and trucks in Lakewood, CO. We form relationships that last forever and are changing the way people think of automotive repair and our entire industry, one car at a time.
We are established in the community (over 90 years) and growing, but more importantly we want to meet people that are driven to be successful and want to have the biggest impact possible in the short time we have on this planet. We want people that will drive our culture and grow with us!
If you are looking for a cool place to work so you can earn enough money to pay your bills and watch football the rest of the time, stop reading this and move on. But what if you worked somewhere that focused on blowing people away with amazing service? What if no one could stop talking about how fun your company is? What if every time someone mentioned auto repair, your name came up because no one in the Denver Metro area treated people better than you? What if you were present at the start of a movement that will someday be nationwide?
Now imagine working in an environment where all of your co-workers felt the same way. Where everyone fixes the problems they see, no one wants to be the weakest link, and they work hard together for improvement every single day. A place that invests in your growth and development, and wants to see you become the best version of yourself possible.
We are looking for people that are driven to be highly successful. People that take initiative, invest in their future, and want to create opportunities for themselves and the people around them. In short, we are looking for people that care about themselves and others!
So if you don’t think this is a bunch of marketing BS, and if you’re tired of the mediocrity all around you, we want to meet! We are taking applications for all positions and training is available for the right people.

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