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I'm an employer. What can Find a Mechanic do for me?
We help you find and hire qualified mechanics and technicians so you can lower your cost per hire and gain a competitive advantage. Since it is FREE to mechanics and shop staff, we have more mechanics and shop staff to choose from.

What are the benefits of going with Find a Mechanic?
Find a Mechanic is - hands down - the leading online Mechanic career site! We deliver more quality potential employees than any other Job Board! Whether you have 1 or 10,000 mechanic job openings nationwide, will help you find the most qualified mechanics to fill those positions. That is why employers nationwide recognize Find a Mechanic as the leading online mechanic recruitment site.

What's the difference between you and the BIG Job boards like career builder, hot jobs or monster?
In order to really target the right employee, you need to find the right job board. To start this process, you should look at what your company does. That is a great place to start! We'll all seen the commercial where a company offers multiple services...."We sell computer's and make pizza". It is recommended by an article in College Recruiter that you find a board that specializes in what you're looking for. Why be mixed in with one that offers countless different careers. So if you're a Physician looking for nurses or a Mechanic Shop Owner looking for a Master Mechanic, why go to a job board that offers dog groomers, accountants and restaurant workers. You should try to find a site that specializes in an employee type you're looking for. That's what we do at Find a Mechanic. We're 100% focused on Mechanics and technicians.

What does a location mean?
A location is a specific address you are hiring for. Example: If the employee you are seeking will work at 123 Main Street, Anytown USA then that is 1 location. If you need employees at 123 Main Street, Anytown and 456 New Street, Anytown USA then that is considered 2 locations and so on. If you need anymore questions answered about "what is a location" please feel free to contact us on Live Chat

What does it cost to post jobs or search resumes?
We have very simple packages for our Employers. That way, it is easy to understand and simple to maneauver throughout our website. Every location will receive unlimited resumes searches and job postings for their location(s)! It's that simple. Click here to learn more about our Employer programs and pricing.

Do you have a Return/Refund Policy?
Yes we do. Please click Click here to learn more about it.

What kind of Jobs/Resumes do you collect on Find a Mechanic?
We have the current job titles in our database:

*Auto/Light Truck Mechanics *Auto Body Shop Jobs
*Lube/Tire Minor Repairs Techs *Marine/Boat Mechanics
*Med/Hvy Truck Mechanics *Motorcycle Mechanics
*Transmission Mechanics *Auto Detailers
*Aftermarket Reps *Cashiers
*Electronics Installer *Office Managers
*Parts Department Jobs *Receptionists
*Service Advisors *Service Managers
*Tire Technicians *Tow Truck Operators
*...and more


Do you have jobs in my area?
Probably yes. You can click here see our current job openings in your area. Most of the time we have job openings listed for all 50 states. Our job listings change daily as positions are filled and others open up. You can check back anytime to see new jobs in your area. Be sure and click here to post or create your resume today It is FREE to list your resume on It is our objective to make it as easy as possible for employees and employers connect.
Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for employees and employers to connect. So, click here to create or post your resume today - it's FREE.